Yianni Stamas and Rodger Taylor are facilitating a workshop for the New York Public Library in conjunction with Stylists for Literacy so MGNYC says "Let's put on a show!" She'll reel you in with her rhymes!

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Mother Goose NYC here and I'm excited to announce that Stylists for Literacy as well a a group of teens are participating in a digital communication arts and performance workshop in which they learn how to creatively achieve their goals including getting into college, starting a business or acquiring a job. These teens are participating in a workshop from the New York Public Library taught by Yianni Stamas and Rodger Taylor as well as will be working with your very own Mother Goose NYC.


Hey, who's that on the stairs of the Morisannia Branch of the New York Public Library?

mother goose nyc and her rockin rhymers

Magic Neighbors Outreach Troupe featuring Mother Goose NYC & Her Rockin' Rhymers 'N Prose Posse - Top left to right Manhattan Magician, Mother Goose NYC, Twinkle Bell Li'l Lady of Magic, middle row left to right Paris, Blanco the Bear, Alpha "The Woodsman" Joe, front left to right Harley, Genesis and Princess Dream


You may remember Mother Goose NYC as the bird lady with the fun borough spin rhymes as seen on the Summer Reading NYC web site.

And together we present for you an opportunity for younger children and their parents to be in a very special Springtime NYC show with Mother Goose NYC and friends called "Springtime NYC with Mother Goose NYC and Friends: Rhymes, Magic and Fun!"

All are welcome to participate. Since the show is in part inspired by the Northern NYC area known as Inwood Manhattan where the rock exists where Manhattan itself started, we will be having press coverage from Inwood Manhattan magazine, the Northern NYC publication as well as the upper NYC web site that Mother Goose NYC herself is editor of - Manhattan Kids Guide.

Plus I've heard that Washington Heights Green magazine will be doing an article too.